Keiser Report 218 – 071211 – Hank Paulson, Hedge Funds And Why You’re Experiencing Austerity

This is probably the best Keiser report I have seen. If you have ever wondered what on earth really happened within the banking sector and financial markets in 2007/2008 and why, then the first fifteen minute segment of this video will cast a lot of light on the answer.

Max and Stacy talk about Hank Paulson and this interesting and enlightening story. The story is also discussed on Bloomberg, Rolling Stone and ZeroHedge.

In the second half of the video, Max talks to Jon Thorisson of the Eva Joly Institute. In a fascinating interview, Jon talks about the Icelandic banking collapse and how the perpetrators are apparently hiding out in the City Of London.

Max and Jon also talk about the need for people to ‘wake up’ and see what is happening to their financial world around them and Jon asserts that part of this problem is that the press isn’t free and he also explains the ‘plasma screen’ theory.

I’ve embedded a few Keiser report videos on this site, but so far this one is the cream of the crop. If you haven’t watched it, I urge you to take thirty minutes out of your life to listen to some real straight talking.

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