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Stefan Molyneux – The Story Of Our Unenslavement

I embedded one of Stefan Molyneux’s videos earlier on this blog, called ‘The Story Of Your Enslavement.’ I like Stefan’s videos and include them here because they always make me think and they do so in a way which helps … Continue reading

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Leverage, Liquidity, Re-Hypothecation & The Shadow Banking System’s Current Difficulties Explained In Layman’s Terms

I am increasingly finding myself drawn to to further my education regarding the current financial crisis involving the banking/financial system. It’s also refreshing to read this website after seeing the tripe served up by the mainstream media. I read … Continue reading

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Keiser Report 218 – 071211 – Hank Paulson, Hedge Funds And Why You’re Experiencing Austerity

This is probably the best Keiser report I have seen. If you have ever wondered what on earth really happened within the banking sector and financial markets in 2007/2008 and why, then the first fifteen minute segment of this video … Continue reading

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