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How The State Weakens, Divides And Rules

Stefan Molyneux hits the right spot with this excellent presentation which provides a lot of examples and lessons about ‘how things work’ in terms of the hidden hand which is shaping our societies without most people even realising that they … Continue reading

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Rush Hour On Beijing Subway – The Rat Race

I came across this video today in the mainstream media. It brought back some memories and reminded me why the struggle for independence and self-employment is worth all of the effort and the sacrifices. At times I need reminding because … Continue reading

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The Tiny Dot Video By Larken Rose

I came across this video while doing some online research. I really like it for a variety of reasons. I really like the message and think that the Western world would be a better place if more people took a … Continue reading

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Garbage Warrior (Full Length Documentary) With Michael Reynolds

I discovered this documentary film recently. The main character (Michael Reynolds – an architect) is particularly ExRatish – he lives off the grid, he loves independence and autonomy and he thinks outside of the box. He also has a vision (many of … Continue reading

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Rough Seas In Torquay – Photos From April 2012

Earlier this year, back in April (before I had a break from blogging) I took a bunch of photographs of the sea on a really stormy day (by our standards – not that impressive if you experienced hurricane Sandy!) which … Continue reading

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