Rough Seas In Torquay – Photos From April 2012

Earlier this year, back in April (before I had a break from blogging) I took a bunch of photographs of the sea on a really stormy day (by our standards – not that impressive if you experienced hurricane Sandy!) which I made into a couple of galleries, but never got around to posting.

They’re kind of annoying me, sitting in WordPress doing nothing so I’m going to put them here.

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I’ve lived close to the sea for six years now and I find it absolutely fascinating. I moved here on my own and I still live on my own most of the time, which I think contributes to why I consider the sea as one of my friends. It’s like a huge, heaving, ever changing┬ámass of pure nature.

When I walk alongside it, it is on the one hand threatening yet at the same time inviting. There’s something about this huge mass that cries out that it is a living entity – it seems to communicate with me yet I have no idea what it is saying. The only thing I can decipher is that it is reminding me just how insignificant I really am, which, viewed positively means that my problems and challenges are actually insignificant and not worth worrying about in the big scheme of things. Thanks for the reminder, mate.

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The relentless pounding of the waves on the one hand is enough to wash away huge rocks over time, yet on the other hand it seems to be making that noise to get noticed, saying, “Hey come and jump into me and have some fun and a free wash.”

If you view this water as one single entity, then it touches every continent. You could use it as a transport system and get to almost any country that isn’t landlocked. While it pounds the rocks in Torquay, the same body of water is pounding the rocks and beaches in hundreds of other places simultaneously.

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Perhaps it is having a mood on a certain day on one side of the world and pounding rock into sand, while gently lapping the shore somewhere else on the other side of the world and dragging pebbles backwards and forwards to the delight of anyone stopping to listen.

As you can probably tell, I’m still in awe of my new neighbour and I don’t plan on changing that too soon. It’s worth remembering as often as possible that many of the very best things in life really are free. Why not join them in their freedom?

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