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Stefan Molyneux – The Handbook Of Human Ownership – A Manual For Tax Farmers

Here’s another Stefan Molyneux video for you. I really like this one and listened to it three times in two days when I first found it. Because it’s quite long, I think Stefan spent his time on the audio content … Continue reading

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Early Start Boot Camp Update

It’s over a month since I first started my early start boot camp experiment. In that time I have tried all sorts of variations of it ranging from regimental fixed start time to downright random and spontaneous. I’m not much … Continue reading

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Rob Newman’s ‘The History Of Oil’

I came across this video on Sunday in my bookmarks, where I had saved it for watching at a later date after finding it via a link somewhere. It’s a live performance by Rob Newman, in which he couples his … Continue reading

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Even Earlier Start Boot Camp And A Round Up Of The Week’s Lifestyle Experiment

After trying to get some decent photographs for a few days, I got up on Thursday morning and had my usual cup of tea at about 6am before leaving for my walk. At one point while briefly perusing the news … Continue reading

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Early Start Boot Camp With Inclement Weather Challenge

  Today is day three of my early start boot camp, although it’s kind of day two. On Sunday I came up with the idea after starting the day poorly and then proceeding to do the walk mid-morning, but it … Continue reading

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