Zeitgeist Addendum


This film comprises of four sections (within the one film). The first two sections present two problems and the second two present solutions. It is directed by Peter Joseph and is a quality production.

Part one gives a helpful and enlightening insight into the monetary system and fractional reserve banking, with helpful animations that assist in making a complex subject easier to understand – in other words, even dummies like me can learn something from it 😉

Part two features John Perkins, the author of ‘Confessions Of An Economic Hitman.’ I’ve just bought this book and will be reviewing it on this blog shortly, although I’ve already read many extracts from it already. It’s disturbing, but informative.

Part three presents The Venus Project and discusses their alternative to the capitalist system which we currently employ.

Part four discusses the idea that wide scale ignorance is responsible for most of our social problems and how this ignorance is maintained, by whom and why.

For a more comprehensive explanation of the content of the film here’s a link to the Zeitgeist Addendum wikipedia page.

This film is just over two hours long, but I’ve watched it twice myself and it’s better than almost anything I’ve ever seen on TV – back in the days when I used to indulge in such activities. If you read much of this blog, you will probably notice that giving up watching broadcasted mainstream TV was one of my lifestyle experiments that I decided to stick with for the long term.

I strongly recommend at least giving this experiment a trial for a while, because learning the habit of exercising as much choice as possible is a liberating experience and over time it’s difficult not to come to the conclusion that mainstream TV is dumbed-down, insidious, manipulative and dangerous and that social engineers are having a field day with it, pumping out it’s tawdry subliminal subversion on a daily basis in the majority of homes.

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