Stefan Molyneux – The Story Of Our Unenslavement

I embedded one of Stefan Molyneux’s videos earlier on this blog, called ‘The Story Of Your Enslavement.’

I like Stefan’s videos and include them here because they always make me think and they do so in a way which helps me to understand why my financial and business independence is important, along with many other things. To expand on this, I feel that it is risky to rely on anyone else, because others have their own agenda. Every time I put this theory to the test, the results come back the same – independence and freedom are a crucial part of the ExRat way.

I thought it was fitting to add the follow-up video to that one here. In this video Stefan expresses his viewpoint that statism is just another religion – it has similarities in the churches, symbols, deities, rewards and punishments plus it relies on the control and abuse of children.

He feels that the solution lies in raising our children without the language of the state – instead of aggression, raised voices and hands, bullying, control, punishment and manipulation we should instead choose gentleness but firmness coupled with love.

He suggests that violence is a language that we must unlearn, because then the state will reveal itself as just a silly superstition.

I believe that it’s an important part of anyone’s personal development to find the kind of material that makes us stop, think and ask more questions of ourselves and of the world around us.

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2 Responses to Stefan Molyneux – The Story Of Our Unenslavement

  1. Ken Thompson says:

    Hey Roger… hope you don’t mind that I comment on an old post. Interesting points discussed and they could all be greatly expanded upon.

    What gets my attention is my belief that the state is really an extension of the actions of the ruling few. Yes, some would laugh, point their fingers and say I’m a conspiracy theorist. Convenient phrase used to discredit, though it is.

    But I think it’s well known, in some areas at least, that very wealthy and influential families have had a gridlock on things for centuries. So I’d say that statism is merely a tool they use because it gives them so much leverage.

    Very interesting point about the abuse of children and then violence.

    It’s the same principle and reason why the military focuses on young men/women fresh out of high school, US term. The younger they are, the easier it is to pound the individuality out of them and then mold them. Yes, I’m ex-military. I entered when I was 17.

    The CIA did extensive research in the 50s and 60s involving children. Some of it was downright criminal. Shocking the very young alters their personalities and opens them up for re-programming. Some books written about it. I could go on, but I won’t – I’ll spare you.

    Look at what’s been happening in the past roughly 10 to 15 years. Violence is promoted more than anything else via the media and mass communications. I’m in the US, and I must regretfully say that violence is the #1 US export product. The military-industrial complex is all powerful here. Money talks, in a rather huge and decisive way, unfortunately.

    Perhaps in the end it comes down to the base and simple desire for money, power, and control.

    By the way… check out Noam Chomsky’s vids on Youtube. He’s been talking about some of these things, the topics you touch on here, since about the 80s, I guess. Brilliant MIT linguist and perpetual thorn in the side of the ruling elite, etc.

    See ya around.

  2. ExRat says:

    Hi Ken,

    Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Of course I don’t mind, I appreciate you visiting and taking the time to comment. I totally agree with your point about the state being an extension of the ruling few. It’s interesting to hear your view on the military, not least because you have direct experience.

    Regarding ‘shocking the young’, I find it interesting to observe how this can be encouraged to happen in the wider society (away from the military or alphabet agencies) purely by influencing society to break down in certain ways – attacking the family unit for example by encouraging family breakdown.

    Quote – ‘Perhaps in the end it comes down to the base and simple desire for money, power, and control.’

    Perhaps it does and I also think that you can reframe this just by observing that there are a class of people who simply do not want to have to work, they would prefer to maintain wealth and power though a fixed, permanent, totalitarian system of usary coupled with the efforts and ingenuity of others while also keeping themselves exempt from the laws which apply to the masses.

    I am aware of Chomsky, although I’m sure there’s plenty more out there for me to discover from him, but thanks for the tip. I grabbed one of his books ‘Media Control’ not so long back, which was brief, but interesting.

    chomsky book media control

    Thanks again for dropping by, watching the video and commenting Ken. I appreciate your contribution.

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