What Is Debt? Money As Debt

This is the ideal ‘starter’ video to point people towards when you are having a discussion with someone who has no idea how the monetary system really works and no clue about fractional-reserve banking.

As more people come across this subject, the typical response to an explanation of just how fundamentally flawed and skewed the whole financial system is, tends to be one of disbelief.

There are some criticisms of this film and even the filmmaker Paul Grignon admits that ‘his presentation of fractional-reserve banking may have been “misleading”‘, but it’s a good place to start.

You can read a little more about this 2002-released film by clicking HERE. Grignon has so far made three films in this series so I will also add the other two to this blog, although the third film – ‘Money As Debt 3 Evolution Beyond Money’ is not available for me to embed just yet. The second one, ‘Money As Debt 2’, can be viewed by clicking HERE.

These films are animations which, although a little basic in terms of presentation seem to be the ideal format for films of this nature.

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