The Secret Of Oz (The Money Masters)

‘The Money Masters’ is an excellent film produced by Patrick Carmack and directed/narrated by Bill Still, and released sometime around 2004 as ‘The Money Masters’, but repackaged and released in 2009 by Still as ‘The Secret Of Oz’ – this is the repackaged version.

It covers fractional-reserve banking, the Federal Reserve, central banking, the bond market and many other related subjects and attempts to explain why this monetary system is problematic and fundamentally flawed.

The main premise (generalised somewhat) is that the financial system has been designed and set up to reap the spoils of the many for the benefit of the few.

In this repackaged version the new premise is that ‘The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz’ by L. Frank Baum has many parallels with the financial system and perhaps the prevalence of what could be construed as hidden symbolism within the original story was a surreptitious way of ‘getting the message out’ to the people about the need for monetary reform, without Baum endangering himself in the process.

You can find quite a lot more background information about the two versions of the film here at the Wikipedia link.

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2 Responses to The Secret Of Oz (The Money Masters)

  1. KC says:

    I recently downloaded the MoneyMasters videos. They were incredibly informative regarding how we came to be indebted to the ultra-rich. This should be a crime and according to biblical law, once was. In some religious sects, it still is.
    I was dismayed to find at the end that the website promoting kicking the FED to the curb has been taken down. I felt like he had a really good plan to absolve us of our misery of debt.
    From the videos, it truly seems like a conspiracy to crush us (cannon fodder), as they call us. I find it highly curious that none of their names come up in any list of the world’s richest people. They intentionally don’t want to be on those lists. These are the world’s trillionaires. And that’s not a typo. They own the banks, they own the governments, they own the media. They own CONTROL over us.
    They admit to causing all wars.
    They admit to controlling the stock markets.
    They admit to causing all recessions & depressions.
    They admit to causing countries monetary systems to fail.
    They admit to wanting a One World Government run by them.
    They even admit to wanting to annihilate the vast majority of the population of the planet.
    We need to wake up to this reality and do something about it while we still can.

  2. ExRat says:

    Thanks for your comment KC. It’s difficult to work out what solutions we as individual ‘little people’ can come up with. I particularly like the way that the philosopher Stefan Molyneux suggests that the answer starts with adjusting our mindset and perspective in order to empower ourselves mentally.

    For example –

    Perhaps these will help – they do for me. Thanks again for reading and for commenting.

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