Stefan Molyneux & Gerald Celente ‘The Eye Of The Storm’


In this video Stefan Molyneux talks with Gerald Celente. Gerald talks about a probable QE3 in the USA and other Ponzi schemes. Stefan adds that the money-printing by governments/central banks around the Western world is like a default by proxy. Gerald agrees and follows up by pointing out that ‘when all else fails they take you to war.’

This is grim stuff, but try arguing with the logic that they are presenting. It’s history repeating itself – this has been played out before.

I always enjoy listening to Stefan Molyneux and always learn something from him, but I was really impressed with Gerald Celente too. He’s a likeable character with a very clear and direct point of view. I recommend taking the 23 minutes to watch this video. There are a lot of people suggesting that things are coming to a head. Tomorrow the EU meets up to try and save itself from it’s inevitable demise. The USA has 10 days to raise it’s debt ceiling.

When people like Stefan and Gerald start telling us that we’re right on the edge of the precipice, my ears prick up. Gerald proposes the solution of direct democracy (although his new site is not up and running yet).

I don’t know if that could be part of the solution or the solution itself, but we need a solution quickly and it sounds a lot better than what we currently have.

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2 Responses to Stefan Molyneux & Gerald Celente ‘The Eye Of The Storm’

  1. Tom says:

    Celente is one of my favourite speakers who actually understands what is going on in the world today.

  2. ExRat says:

    I agree with you Tom. We need more people who ‘actually understand what is going on in the world today’ to speak up and thus wake the majority of people up, so that they realise that they have a voice and that it needs to be heard. Thanks for visiting and for your comment.

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