Rob Newman’s ‘The History Of Oil’

I came across this video on Sunday in my bookmarks, where I had saved it for watching at a later date after finding it via a link somewhere. It’s a live performance by Rob Newman, in which he couples his sense of humour with a political/historical message.

I chose to post it here because I think it’s excellent, educational, amusing and a great example of how to keep the interest of your audience while making a serious point.

If you can spare forty-five minutes for something a little different, I hope that you enjoy it. If you want to skim it quickly to see if you like it, try jumping to 17.50 where he does an impression of Tony Blair in order to answer this point –

“Of course, Blair can’t actually be a war criminal, can he? He listens to Oasis.

He can’t be a war criminal because we know what war criminals look like, they look like Goebbels.

But what did Goebbels look like to the Germans?”

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