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This self education category is to inspire the reader to improve their education and critical thinking skills, particularly in relation to financial freedom and personal development with sub categories of philosophical and financial. A key part of my personal development has been to overcome the ‘dumbing-down’ process I have experienced and here I present information which has been key to this process for me. Self education is about empowering yourself and taking responsibility – these are crucial aspects of entrepreneurialism and have many knock-on benefits which I will explain in various posts in this section.

Leverage, Liquidity, Re-Hypothecation & The Shadow Banking System’s Current Difficulties Explained In Layman’s Terms

I am increasingly finding myself drawn to to further my education regarding the current financial crisis involving the banking/financial system. It’s also refreshing to read this website after seeing the tripe served up by the mainstream media. I read … Continue reading

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Keiser Report 218 – 071211 – Hank Paulson, Hedge Funds And Why You’re Experiencing Austerity

This is probably the best Keiser report I have seen. If you have ever wondered what on earth really happened within the banking sector and financial markets in 2007/2008 and why, then the first fifteen minute segment of this video … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurial Wealth Creator? You’re In The Wrong Job

This story caught my eye today – Lawyers In Hacking Scandal To Earn Up To £200 Per Hour It’s one of those stories in the newspaper that wasn’t placed on the home page of the website in a manner which … Continue reading

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Keiser Report 195 – 111011 – Harry Markopolos, Charles Hugh Smith & Pension Funds

After a little break, The Keiser Report returns to the ExRat blog. I watch both of Max’s half-hour shows each week but I haven’t been inspired to embed them here recently, but this one was excelllent and made the cut. … Continue reading

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The Secret Of Oz (The Money Masters)

‘The Money Masters’ is an excellent film produced by Patrick Carmack and directed/narrated by Bill Still, and released sometime around 2004 as ‘The Money Masters’, but repackaged and released in 2009 by Still as ‘The Secret Of Oz’ – this … Continue reading

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